Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The 1990 Dodge Shadow is No More!

I drove this car whenever I visited my mom in Winnipeg. Her husband (my stepdad - deceased since Nov 16/2005) got this car in 1992 shortly after his father past away. The car is awful, but the seats were comfy. Oddly, when I drove this car the engine would rattle and a tiny bell sound would be heard from the exhaust manifold. Last month, my mom's neighbor had a friend who was drunk and rear-ended the parked car & caused over $2000 worth of damage to the 19-year old car. MPIC is going to auction the car on November 10th. Come back to my website and I'll let you know how much money it went for. My guess? $400 dollars as the car is not repairable anymore. The good news: She got $2,100 for the car, which is incredible considering how old it is. Ah, the old Shadow. Good riddance you pile of junk.

My Distinct Memories:

* While driving in Winnipeg, some asshat ahead of me actually STOPPED for a yellow light! I hit the brakes, the car's old tires squealed like a stuck pig, and my right-front wheel cover flew off down the road. I didn't realize I lost it until I got home, and I had to rummage through a scrap yard looking for it (which I found for $10).

* The car gets good gas mileage but suffers from poor acceleration, handling, and stopping.

* I never sat in the back seat but apparently it's pretty comfy back there too.

* I kept the radio at 680 CJOB (Winnipeg's Information Superstation!). Some times I would tune it to 92.1 Citi FM for some classic rock.

* As far as I know, I was the only person who actually washed and detailed the car, including the engine. ( My mom drove it 2x a month, max).

* The car frequently needed to be boosted due to the low amount of driving she did.

* On a scale of crap, where 10 is the crappiest and 1 is not bad, this car scored actually quite well near a 6 - not so bad and not so good.

* There's some odd audio cassette music in the center console. Apparently my step-dad's father liked really old music (from the 40's). It hurt my eyes just reading the cassettes. Let's just say it was a Lawrence Welk treasure trove!


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