Monday, October 19, 2009

Zombie Survival Story

I looked at John nervously as he pulled a shotgun from the wall and pumped a shell into the chamber using the lever. (It was an old lever-action Winchester). There were two more soft knocks on the door as I watched John call up the video camera image. It showed an image of as mall woman holding a bag and a large hammer. "Ah, it's Marci" he said, walking over and unlocking the deadbolts, opening the door to a tiny blond woman wearing a green coat. "Howdy" she said as the bag flew to the corner of the room, making a rattling noise. Cans spilled out everywhere. "It's fucking nuts out there" she said, opening the fridge and helping herself to a beer. It made a satisfying CRACK as the can opened up.

I sat back in the chair as she cracked it open. John was busy re-locking the door and enabling the alarm. "Welcome back, princess" he said sarcastically, adjusting the focus on the main door camera with a trim button. I extended my hand to her but she didn't take it. "No offense" she said, gazing through the blinds in the main room. "Too many people died after I shook their hands." she reached down and grabbed a pair of binoculars. "And not by my own, either". 

John made the quick introductions. Marci was discovered alive a few days after John escaped from his first apartment. Apparently they had literally ran into each other after trying to escape two massive hordes of creatures. They have stuck together ever since. "Who in the hell set off that car alarm?" she asked, irritated. I looked at John who looked at me. "You idiots" she said, tossing the binoculars to the empty couch. "Those damned things will be stirred up for hours now trying to get at anything." I walked over to the computer terminal and tried to bring up a web browser. No dice. "Yeah, the internet was one of the first things to go after they cut the power to the entire city. Except for a few buildings here and there, power is really scarce now" John said. I checked my cell phone, it read NO SERVICE and the battery was almost dead. I looked around and plugged it in to the charger.

We sat back and chatted about the next steps. "It's the law of the jungle out there" John said, polishing the .357. "No cops, no military, no nothing. People running through the streets for their lives and robbing others." he reached back and lit a cigarette up. "Just the other day some crazy fuck tried to rob me with a machete. " I looked up, he patted his gun. "Blew his head clean off. I only managed to JUST get out of there before those crazy creatures got to him and tore him apart." he expanded his arms to describe the ripping action. My shoulders shrugged involuntarily. Marci finished the beer and reached for another in the fridge. "I say we stay here a little while.  But then again, those people may be angry as hell and hungry, but they aren't stupid. They'll figure out how to storm this place eventually, like they did at the mall." Apparently a group of 20 survivors had managed to secure a local strip mall using machetes and shotguns. 

After killing about 100 people, they finally managed to secure the area. Unfortunately, they forgot about the maintenance staff who were infected and went batshit & managed to infect the whole crew. I walked over and looked out again through the window blinds. The sun had just gotten up, illuminating the mass of people wandering the streets in a hungry frenzy. Some were fighting amongst themselves, either too hungry to care about what they were doing. And others - I looked away. It was as if one had wandered into the Leopard Society of West Africa. 

"On the flip side" John continued, finishing off a can of tuna in between bites, "We can pretty well go anywhere and do anything. It's open season bitches. I don't know about you, but I'd like to visit a gun shop if I can." he looked at me expectantly. I thought about what I wanted. It was ridiculous really, but simple enough. "I want a black 911 Turbo" I said. Marci looked disgusted and said "Figures. All I need is a bullet proof vest. And more ammo. I'm nearly out of this damn buckshot". We all agreed to stay a few days before heading out into the hellhole.

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