Saturday, October 17, 2009

Zombie Survival Story

We managed to avoid the horde by climbing through to the 20th floor landing and escaping through an alternate stairwell. We landed outside near dusk and the downtown streets took an ominous look. I looked around. Abandoned cars, bodies, debris, junk, some on fire and some not. 

A choking stench could be found in the air, the unmistakable smell of death and decay. It was eerily quiet. "Keep to the building edges" John advised, as we crept quietly through the streets. Under a lone streetlight, I noticed a shiny yellow Porsche with an enormous wing. Walking towards it, I got pulled back by John's arm. "Don't do it." he said, pointing to the nearby broken windows. He picked up a large rock and threw it at the Porsche, hitting it near the back window. An annoying loud shriek started to cry from the Porsche, along with flashing lights. 

Within seconds, vaguely human shaped creatures jumped out from the broken window openings and began RUNNING, hell, SPRINTING to the Porsche, hammering at it's windows and doors. "They are in there and if you try to drive through this garbage pile you won't make it out. I know, I tried it myself yesterday." John said cautiously as we crept in the darkness. "Jesus Christ man, these things, they're so God damn QUICK!" I said, watching as a woman, dressed in what appeared to be a nurses uniform, drive her fist right through the sportscars' windshield. The others soon followed her action, ravenously opening the car up like a sardine can. As we stepped over piles of garbage, clothes, and rotting food, I quickly learned we were on day 5 of the mysterious apocalypse. "The first few days I spent barricaded in my room, lights out, shotgun close at hand" John said, extending his hand to help me over a rotting corpse of a young man. It stank horribly and was covered in maggots. I put my hand to my mouth to prevent myself from throwing up. 

The reflex was strong. "So what the fuck do we do now?" I asked, looking over my shoulder as we stayed in the dark continuously. "Well" he began, loading his 357 magnum with a shell. "We gotta find a place that's secure and not taken over by bandits. This whole city is being overrun by mutants and thieves. Pretty well 24 hours into the apocalypse, people started looting everything." I looked around, indeed, store windows were smashed and items thrown about as if a bull in a china shop had visited. I felt uneasy as we walked through the darkness. "Don't worry" John said, stepping gingerly over an overturned newspaper bin. "Those mutants can't see well in the dark, but we have to be very quiet. It just takes one loud noise - even a gunshot, and it's hell on earth again with these things." I looked ahead, we were getting close to Main Street, a notoriously bad crime area in the city. I checked my watch, and in the dim moon light I read 3:55 am. Fuck. We had one hour of darkness left before daylight again. 

"I got a place nearby we can crash for a day or so" he said very quietly. I hunched down next to him and saw he was watching a pair of mutants fight over a corpse in the nearby street. "Don't they ever fucking sleep?" I asked. We jumped into a narrow open doorway and he bolted the door shut behind him. "No. I don't think they ever sleep. They can't. It's almost like they're in a fit of complete rage and hunger. I've never seen anything like it for the life of me." We climbed the stairs of an old apartment building that was 1 block off Portage and Main. As John turned the key into apartment 201, I checked the hallway and notice it was completely barricaded. "Had to do it" he said. "They kept trying to come in through the other floors. And they're here - always, but so far they haven't figured out on how to reach me yet. Thank fuck for that." He closed the door behind us and set five police deadbolts on the door. I looked out the balcony window and saw a massive collection of people gathered outside in the street. "Stop!" John hissed, pushing me to the floor. "If they find out we're up here, we are dead meat. They won't stop until they get us, even if they have to smash the building down with their own fists."

I looked around. It was a dumpy apartment that seemed stuck in the 90's, except for the fact that he had six computers running and somehow had power. John pulled the blinds down and turned on the monitors. On each screen showed a small camera image surrounding the building and a variety of stairwells. "This is our base" he said, pointing to cam 1 floor 2. I walked to the fridge and pulled a beer out, tossing one to him as I relaxed on the couch. Suddenly, we heard a knock at the door.

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