Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Zombie Survival Story

RECAP: After getting part of my ear shot off & going partially deaf, John & I scramble to leave the building as a horde of them begin running towards the gunshot.

 Blood is trickling down my neck as I grab a paper towel and staunch the blood flow. John heaves the barrier over with his foot and we jump over the headless fat guy. I look down and notice he's wearing a suit. Odd. "I know him from somewhere" I mutter, pushing through the darkness and our path illuminated only by a flickering camera light. Our progress is halted immediately when we recognize a shadow of a man standing near the doorway. John kills the light. 

The man appears to be listening. Slowly, we both hunch down and watch from the darkness as the man speeds towards the hallway in a blur and screaming an unholy yell. As we duck into a corner space we get a better outline of a man in tattered clothes and covered in blood. Halfway down the hallway he stops, sniffing and looking around, until he finally discovers the headless man dead in the lunch room hallway. We watch as the man begins devouring on the dead man's neck. I turn away. "I can't watch this shit." I whisper. John pushes something cold and hard into my hand. I look down, and see a shiny 9 mm Glock in my hand. The gun was ice cold to the touch. Turning it over slowly, I noticed it had the safety turned on. My thumb moved the button over and I saw a round was in the chamber ready to go. My stomach tensed up. 

This is murder. I couldn't do this, it's wrong. In an instant, I saw myself in Hell paying for my mortal sin. I'm no fool. I watched all of the Clive Barker's Hellraiser, I know my punishment won't be pretty. A lake of eternal fire doesn't sound that good to me. On the other hand, the ability to escape was very slim and could cause other people to be in jeopardy. Who knows what this thing is capable of doing in the wild? I raised the gun slowly. The creature continued it's feast, tearing away at the neck muscles and making a mess of the hallway. If the receptionist could see this now she'd be pissed. "Do it" John whispered urgently, moving back a step. A moan erupted from the floor as he walked over a loose board. The creature's neck snapped in my direction and moved towards me as I took the shot. Or should I say shots. 

The first two missed as I had failed to take into account the incredible speed it was traveling. The next three strafed it's chest and neck, followed by a single deathblow to the forehead. Fortunately the blood spatter was minimal as the 9mm shot merely placed a dark hole in it's head. The man stopped dead in his tracks, a small fountain of blood coming from the hole. John looked at me and smiled. "Nicely done. Now lets get the fuck out of  here". We both turned and ran to the stairwell as a loud bellowing of screeching could be heard coming from across the hallway. They were here. Out of the corner of my eye I caught 10 people sprinting towards us, each frothing at the mouth and running at an incredible speed. We barely made it to the stairwell and began running down forty floors to the basement when...

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