Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tires - Madness, at this time of year.

As winter approaches it's clear the tire rush is upon us. The tire shops across halifax and dartmouth are completely fucking nuts. As I mentioned in an earlier post, my tires were pretty well worn to the bald when I brought the car in to a local shop at 8 am this morning. I naively thought that because I had appeared at their opening time, I would be close to first. Not even close. At 8 am, I was fourth in line to have tires swapped out or new ones put on. I would have gone on the weekend but there wasn't a chance in hell I'd be able to get the work done, not unless I wanted to hang out at the tire shop at 5 am hoping to be first in line. Instead of the Zombie Apocalypse, I call this the winter tire Apocalypse.

Even as the first *hint* of snow hits the ground, people are running for their lives for the tire shop. Sitting in the waiting room today, I met a customer who puts 60 thousand kilometers on his car every YEAR. 60 THOUSAND! The phone rang constantly and incessantly. On the small 14 inch television set, an annoying display of amateur talent was on display on CTV. It was a horrendous 5 minute musical that I think only the very senile or mentally retarded would enjoy. At one point, a neurotic woman who had her Chevy Cavalier outfitted with winter tires, complained that the tire tread didn't match what was on display with the tire in the shop. Was she fucking kidding me? No, seriously. When I buy tires, I only look at two things: The price, and secondly, the price. She wasted 15 minutes of the poor service man's life and secretly I dreamed of plunging her head underwater. Repeatedly.

Get your tires now folks, before the shit (snow) hits the fan.

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