Saturday, October 10, 2009

Story Time: Zombie Apocalypse Survival: The Beginning

First, I want to point out I'm not a writer. It's just not my full time thing. But I do enjoy writing from time to time. I've created a new twitter account to tie in my Zombie Apocalypse story so viewers can check my story "tweets" and refer back to my blog. Neat, eh?

First, my twitter address:

(I know, original hmm? At least it was available).

Now back to the story.
I hope you enjoy my small fictional story. All of the writings are original and are property of AutoRevu/Stoneman, all rights reserved 2009.

Loud explosions everywhere followed by shards of glass and blood. I had been laying down on the couch in a lazy dream about winning the lottery when I woke up in a shower of bloody glass and screams. They were everywhere. I looked out into the street, people were running for their lives, sprinting to their cars and trucks. In the distance, I heard a scream like nothing I've ever heard before.

I dusted the glass off and left the house and looked around. Cars and people were everywhere. Those that were not dead were on their hands and knees covered in blood.... eating the bodies around them. It was a surreal moment. I ran for the Chevy Suburban and barely made it to the cab before something smacked into the back window of my truck. I looked back and saw my neighbor Carl urgently trying to climb into the back of my truck. Only it wasn't Carl. It was this screaming livid angry thing that was covered in someone's blood. I backed the truck up and pushed him out of the way, landing in the bushes.

I put the truck into drive and floored it. I managed to make it through the street until I accidentally ran over a half dead body. My truck bounced, and I ran straight into a telephone pole. The last thing I remember is hitting the pole head-on and in a fraction of a second I was out.

For what seamed to be days later, I awoke in this strange room, which looked like a bathroom. I had a bandage wrapped around my head and a throbbing headache. I took a deep breath in and felt a sharp pain. Shit. I had cracked a rib or two. I took a quick look around at where I was.

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