Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Shaken in Faith

In Nova Scotia a few weeks ago, a high ranking Bishop in the Roman Catholic Church was busted for importing child porn via his laptop and storage cards. Rev. Lahey was arrested as he tried to cross into Canada from the USA. For people who don't know, you get random checks on all media devices from time to time. I guess this pedo creep thought he was above everyone else. And what really angers me is the Vatican didn't announce anything about this. We were only told that Lahey had "Quit". Only to find out later in the news media was everyone told. Could you imagine the horror on the people's faces as they realized they'd been had by this slime ball? So many statements that have come out of the Vatican lately has left my RC faith very shaken indeed. If God cares about us, he must be taking an extended vacation. And where are these helpers of God, those so-called Angels? They are not here. What about the spiritual helpers? Nope. The only things that are here is a deep seated pitch of evil. And it's consuming the entire world one mile at a time. So go ahead, shout at God for an answer or try to elicit a response from an Angel. You won't get it. 

We are alone.


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