Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bargains at Princess Auto

Since I'm looking for used tires in the near future, I decided to buy a tire depth gauge. I found one at Princess Auto for a very reasonable price of $4.99. For this, you get a fairly accurate tire depth gauge that runs all the way down to 1mm of tire wear. With 2/32 being the absolute "end of life" for any tire, it will make my job of gauging used tires and comparing them to my own tires much easier. The second tool I picked up was a caliper tool, which basically measures the width of your rotors. I spent a whole $5 on this tool and although it's not as well put together as the depth gauge, it still gives me a reasonable estimate on my brake rotors. I need to change out my front brake pads this month and this will certainly help me estimate if I need to replace my front rotors. If you have any bargains to chat about, drop me a line in the comment area.

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