Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Texting Douchebag Gets Pwned

Image left: The result of a driver texting on a cellphone and driving. I don't believe this driver survived the ordeal - imagine driving right through a guard rail in a Pontiac Aveo. I mean, driving the Aveo alone is just horrible to think about.
A friend of mine in my home town recently sent me an amusing instant message describing an incident which took place in traffic. I guess a lady was texting at a red light. Fed up with it, my buddy took action. Here's how it went down...his name has been changed to protect his identity.
DP says:
Dude.. story for you..
I caused a crash today.. not serious.. but.. whoops...
but it's all good.

At a light.. lady to my left was texting.. total crackberry fixed moment.
So I figure I'll give her a little tune-up.
So I jackrabbit the car a foot, make it seem I'm going...
without looking up from her device, she floors it too.
She stopped about 6 feet later.... having gone through the solid red An old beast of a pickup with plate steel bumpers.. stopped just in time, but still bashed the corner of her fender. Not a scratch to the truck.. her bumper flew off, and don't think it was in safe driving shape..
Stoneman says: OMG DP that's awesome
DP says: So waited for the cops.. gave my statement.. said I noticed her texting for some time at the light, and was getting my car into gear but the clutch slipped and I hit the brake right away. Then she starts to go and got hit by the truck... I saw she was looking down when she took off, didn't look up at the light or around her at all.. not paying attention.
Stoneman says: You damn devil Can I put that on my site & change your name?
DP says: Sure..... I feel bad cuz it coulda gone bad, ya know?
Stoneman says: Owned by a crackberry! I hate those assholes. I had a crackberry but I never used it to text in traffic. Jesus..
DP says:
I can't even text & walk, I would dare try while driving.. holy shit.
DP says: Well, how else can you make the point ? I could honk and shake my finger..

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Stoneman said...

Sometimes it just doesn't pay to text and drive!!