Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Subaru Speeder Wears Mask to Avoid Tickets

Subaru WRX STi with Front Mounted Intercooler?
A whole new kind of awesome.
PHOENIX - Photo radar -- two words enough to make blood boil for drivers who've been ticketed. But there's a select group of violators who don't seem to care.
They've been ticketed more than a dozen times, and they won't pay the fines.
Here's a look at one man that officers call a "frequent flier." He wears a monkey or a giraffe mask, to avoid getting snapped and having to pay photo radar tickets.
DPS officers say Dave Vontesmar is the man behind the mask. Vontesmar is a flight attendant at Sky Harbor, and DPS says he's racked up about 90 unpaid photo enforcement tickets within a year.
"He just has a blatant disregard for public safety," says Lt. Steve Harrison.
DPS is looking for these so-called "frequent fliers," or people who abuse the system.
Officers have recently served Vontesmar dozens of tickets, and say they're confident they have the right guy. They even followed him.
"During our surveillance our officers observed him putting on and taking off a mask as he went through each of the four photo enforcement zones," says Lt. Harrison.
The department's message to the public is clear. "Obey the speed limit that's all we're asking. Drive the speed limit and if you receive a citation like any other citation we expect you to take care of it and we expect you to accept your responsibility."
DPS says there may be 100 to 600 drivers with 15 or more photo camera citations. Drivers have 30 days to take action on the ticket either by paying the fine, challenging it or informing DPS that the person ticketed wasn't the driver.

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