Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stoneman's Subaru Bullrun 09/25/09

 I just changed the oil in my 07 Impreza, and it only took 20 minutes to do it. Tomorrow during my break at work I'll be taking my car down to the tire repair shop. A few months ago I managed to get a nasty nail impaled on the center of my left rear tire. After 5 pm, my journey will begin. Starting out in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, my route will lead me through New Brunswick and eventually on to Confederation Bridge.

I plan on driving very conservative because of the rain and winds could lead to hydroplaning. Plus you never know the amount of drunk drivers on the road, my situational awareness is going to get keyed up motherfucker!

I leave Friday at 5:00 PM atlantic and get back Saturday afternoon. I've loaded up my Zune 30 with a ton of music, and I'm looking forward to it. Good times. I really love highway driving.

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