Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Road Rage Protection Kits

Actual Screen shot of a "Kit" available on-line
Are you afflicted by fantasies of road rage? Dreaming of sticking to the asshole who cut you off in traffic? Well dream NO MORE. Apparently, this site can sell you a complete "kit" for "only" $169 dollars (plus shipping). I'm not surprised these sites exist. When you really think about it, there are two main themes in entertainment these days: Sex and violence. Often, they are combined but sometimes they mix around. 
This site covers it all. If you're an Anime shut-in geek living at home with your parents in the basement, you'll be happy to know you can purchase literally anything Anime-related, especially swords and replica weapons. Hell, you can even purchase electrified brass knuckles (1.9 million volts!). (I won't bother linking to this because honestly, this shit isn't legal in Canada - yet it's sold from here. Go figure). 
One interesting item caught my eye - a replica ring from the Middle Earth movies. Remember that cursed ring? It makes the wearer fall in love with it, and they'd do anything - even die - to keep it. Well you can buy it! It's only $477 and it looks pretty damn nice - even with the elaborate Elf script. Or how about a real dead spider in plastic case? How about a 32-piece lock picking set? (Which is technically ILLEGAL to own unless you are a registered locksmith!). But wait. There's so much weird crap on the site that I had to mention the digital voice changer. I mean, come on... who doesn't want to sound like Jigsaw? "I want to play a game Stoneman.... I hear you enjoy downloading movies and cars. Well it's your lucky day....". Awesome!

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