Monday, September 7, 2009

10+ Years of Blogging

Above: My old web site circa 1998 via the Wayback archive. (Click on image to get a larger shot)
About 11 years ago I decided to create my own blog using raw HTML on a free hosting website. I was living in Calgary, Alberta back then and each page had to be hand-edited with notepad or wordpad. Later on I started to use hotdog as my editor, but I still had to update each page if I made a new one, because it would be missing links to my old archived stuff. Now and then I find myself going back to visit the site, which is strange because it's been sucked into the vast archives of the Wayback time machine. You can find my old site here - but be warned, back then I swore a hell of a lot more and I tended to have a LOT of angry driving stories. 

Calgary was an incredible place to live, and hopefully one day I'll visit again - or who knows? Live there eventually. (I'll drag my entire family there if I have to!). The only weird thing is the page date says "today", but that's because I used a simple script to generate the "last update" date. It'll always show the current date, no matter when or where you are. Another old favorite of mine 11 years ago (11 years! FUCK!) is the Highway 17 Page of Shame. It's also in the archives (see here). This guy pioneered taking digital pictures of offensive drivers and posting them on the web site with amusing stories. I always go back from time to time and re-read the interesting and funny anecdotes from someone driving in Southern California during the late 90's. 

And how people change. Back then I had been obsessed with pickup trucks. Now I can't for the life of me understand why you'd want one - unless you tow trailers or need a 4x4. And even then, I'd probably get a Subaru Forester or something. I had a lot of interesting experiences driving in Calgary. I remember dodging a mattress that had been placed in the middle of a 6 lane highway. I remember almost getting rear-ended by a Ford Mustang GT doing 100+ mph (I still see the blue smoke in my mind from his tires). I remember getting rear-ended by some old lady in a Chevy Lumina - who's vehicle was written off and I had one scratch on my truck. Ah, those were the days. Gas was 56 cents a liter and the subway train only cost a dollar. But it wasn't all good times. In 1997 I moved from Winnipeg to Calgary & got a job working for DMR consulting. I ended up at the Alberta Wheat Pool driving to rural grain elevators and setting up Windows 98. After DMR I ended up working for Sysgold (and then Futurelink). In 2001 I made the jump to Halifax and here I remain. It's strange how things change and yet still stays the same.

And now back to my bitchin'

A quick warning to anyone considering using in-ear ipod style earphones. I had purchased a set a few weeks ago to use with my 30 gig Zune. Everything was fine for the first week and then I felt something strange in my right ear - pain. Turns out I developed an ear infection. After getting antibiotics from the doctor, I immediately stopped using my in ear phones and purchased a set of sony studio monitor head phones. Although more bulky than in-ear, they sound much better and will eliminate any chance of an ear infection. 

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