Friday, August 28, 2009

Windows 7 - Just Don't Do It

Like Martin Luthor King Jr., it all started with a dream. I had a dream, yes, moving from Windows XP to Windows 7 and it would be a painless, stress-free move without any hiccups or problems. Oh but watch out, even the simple things can cause chaos. I was installing v7 on an older p4 system and for some reason the screen went black  - all except for the stupid copyright tag
on the lower-right hand screen. I should have googled it earlier but no, no, I had to redo my install many times and eventually formatting my drive - all for nothing. The solution? Disconnect the DVI cable hooked up to the video card. I have VGA and DVI (vga to CRT monitor, DVI to 32" LCD TV) -- seems Windows can't handle having two hooked up at boot time without prior configuration. And now, clicking furiously and trying to understand why Internet Explorer won't launch. Help and Information services won't start. Oh, this isn't good news at all. I had pains in my gut. I reached for a beer, cracked it open, and drank it. I briefly considered putting Windows XP back on, or maybe (gasp) Unix? No, not yet. I did the most logical thing I could think of, I powered the computer off and watched the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Windows 7 is supposed to be a painless, happy, and easy installation. I have to admit, I had been charmed by it's pretty eyes and soft icons & sound effects. I fancied the new backgrounds and interface, but deep down I knew this operation system had been designed in hell. In fact, I am pretty certain Satan himself put his signature into the source code. And maybe the Broodwich is also involved. God help me.

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