Tuesday, August 18, 2009

When Passing on the Right is Necessary (but illegal)

Taking a merge lane, one expects to get "up to speed" as quickly as possible without getting rubbed out by a semi truck. One would hope. The trick on the merge lane is to speed up as quickly as possible in order to merge into the lane to your left. This works perfectly except for two situations:

1. People driving 10 year old Hyundai Accents which belch blue smoke and can hardly even speed up to 40 km/hour, nevermind the posted 80 limit.

2. Assholes in KIA's who think they own their road and attempt to block you by trying to "speed up" and prevent you from merging!

Both situations happened as I tried to merge into the highway. First, a piece of shit Hyundai Accent tried in vain to merge in FRONT of a speeding Semi Truck trailer speeding down the highway at 80+ km/hour. Should I slow down behind this piece of shit car and risk being rear-ended by a semi? Nah. I back the car down to 3rd gear and blast through the right lane, passing the Hyundai from the right lane doing 120 km/hour. Sadly, I had to slow down as a small S-10 pickup truck was ahead. 

I still had to merge to ANOTHER left lane anyway. Here comes the red KIA RIO moving down the road, apparently (trying) to speed up and block my access. Well, he failed. (But he did manage to almost keep up during the upcoming corner - but - sadly got left behind in the traffic). Understeer in AWD cars are notoriously terrible, so I have to be extra careful not to roast the tires on the corners. Sadly, my front tires are almost completely done at 25,000 kilometers. Subaru only puts Potenza RE50's on the car and they are very, very soft. Sort of like the brains of my fellow drivers on the road. I could go on and on bitching and raving, but it would accomplish nothing. Time to start saving up for tires and a brake job.

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