Saturday, August 1, 2009

Wax On, Wax Off Sensei

My arms are pretty sore. It was a hot 30 degrees and I had this brilliant idea that I would wash and wax the Subaru. The wash was easy. The wax was not. I purchased some turtle wax and some microfiber clothes. The whole wax process took about 2.5 hours of painful rubbing at odd angles. It really shows how out of shape I am. Pictured above isn't my car, but a good representation of how it looks like. I'm too lazy to get the picture and upload it. Plus I am pretty damn tired. The sun was very, very hot. The trick to hand waxing is to not put on too much. I put on too much. The damn grille is the hardest part because you have to be careful not to get the wax on the black mesh and the air splitter front end really makes it tough to wax at 90 degree angles. It shines though, and the tires & rims are also very clean. I highly suggest using microfiber clothes to clean your windows, it takes about 50% less time than regular clothes and leaves no streaks. They're on sale at Canadian tire this week for 4.99 (50% off). Cheers.

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