Saturday, August 22, 2009

Road Rage

People were not put on this Earth to get along. I am becoming increasingly negative towards our own society. For example, driving down the highway at 85 km/hour (speed limit is 80), I was behind a car by a few lengths. Some jackass in a brown 80's 2-door chevy began tailgating me and swerving left and right. What the fuck? I had cruise control on. Nobody in the left lane that I could see. Now I know the police are usually ahead over the hill so I chill and let the asshole pass (but I give him the free FUCK YOU with my middle fingers). This guy loses it and violently swerves ahead of my lane and THEN brakes hard (in a poor attempt to goad me). I have nothing to prove, but he ends up speeding away and narrowly missing the car head of him (due to the excessive speed). Road rage out here is pretty rare. My car isn't slow but I'm certainly not going to get into a road accident on my way to Wal-mart. The gentleness of driving is gone. Apparently Silver Subaru's are fair game in the land of turkey shoots. Ridelust has an amusing article on pissing people off. Apparently it's a learned skill. And I have perfected it without even knowing it.

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