Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Odd Stuff Seen in Orange County, California

* An ancient blacked out Volkswagon bug made into a convertible and painted matt black. The man had a baby in a carrier in the back seat and had one of those douchebag vertical exhaust pipes you usually see on Baja Buggies.

* A man was transporting an enormous couch on TOP of his SUV/VAN. I guess it didn't fit INSIDE the van so he decided to put it directly on top of the roof. He didn't tie it down,either. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to get a picture of this.

* An old woman driving a V12 Mercedes-Benz sports car. This one made me look twice because it's not everyday you see an AMG 65 on the street. Driven by an old lady. Oh, and it had a twin-turbo in the car too. Jesus Christ.

* People out here drive enormous jacked up 4x4 monster trucks. Not a huge amount of small cars, compared to the number of obnoxious trucks around here. 

* After work I decided to walk down 2 miles to the local 7-11 convenience store to buy a slurpee. After buying the drink I noticed a sweet ass blue Corvette C6 convertible out front. I chatted with the driver and asked him the question "Did you test drive the Z06?" Yes, he had...but it costs about 75,000 dollars. It's a bargain, in my opinion... but still, I know I'd wrap that bitch around a telephone pole in no time.

* Lots of nicely tuned Subaru STi's around here. You can really hear the bellowing exhaust notes as the boxer engines roar down the street at 75 mph. I love it.

* People driving 1980's cars are common out here. I saw an ancient Honda Civic and some very old Porsche's. Not much rust out on the west coast - not like in Halifax where you'd be lucky if your car lasted 5 years.

I took some pictures and will try to post them later in the week. I leave California tomorrow evening and really enjoyed my stay. I'll miss my old job role but I know new opportunities will appear if I look for them. Back to my Top Gear episode.

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