Saturday, August 1, 2009

Don't believe the hype; the Suzuki SX4 is crap compared to the BMW Mini

Suzuki Canada has been running this laughable ads on television lately featuring the Suzuki SX4 with a red cape flowing off the rear hatchback. The plod on about more horsepower, cheaper price, more features, oh - and wait for it - the availability of all wheel drive. Allow me to set the record straight. First off, while the Suzuki has more horsepower it doesn't have a quicker off the line 0-60 times. The SX4 takes over TEN seconds to hit that mark. The Mini? 8.5 seconds. And that's without the Suzuki's all wheel drive. The Mini has better handling, better braking, better steering, better interior quality, better resale value, better reliability, better aesthetic looks, better enthusiast clout, and better sensibility. 

Driving the Suzuki SX4 is akin to riding a fancy odd-colored bike with 32 gears and only 6 of them are of any real use. Oh, and it'll break after the first two times you ride it. While I'm not a huge fan of the BMW Mini, the Mini Cooper S is a blast to drive: I took one out for a test drive a few years ago and nearly got a speeding ticket while on a test drive. (To be honest, the salesman DID encourage me to kick it up a notch). 

So you're in the market for a small compact car with All wheel drive and you've been lured into the Suzuki Dealership. Before you take that fateful trip to hell, you would be better off buying a used Subaru Impreza. Not only do you get considerably more horsepower (173), but the asymmetrical all wheel drive system (50 % front 50 % back for the manual) absolutely guarantees fun and enjoyment in your everyday ride. I can't tell you how much I enjoy driving my Subaru. Every time I get behind the wheel and I am stuck behind some piece of shit Chevy Aveo or Hyundai Accent, I silently pray and thank God I'm not driving THAT. The shift from 2nd to 3rd will get you anywhere in a quick amount of time. 

I once took out the WRX STi and let me tell you, had I owned one today I don't think I'd be alive today. They're that evil on the road. It's hard to drive a 300+ bhp car without sometimes imagining you're on the racetrack. But I digress - back to the abysmal Suzuki SX4. A resident in my apartment block actually purchased one of these abominations recently. His previous car was a shitty Chevy Aveo. With all things considered, it technically WAS an upgrade. Unfortunately, the SX4 is a real bag of shit which should be avoided, just like the forgettable Forenza and the Vitara SUV. There once was a time when having a Suzuki was interesting. Remember the Suzuki Samurai? Now those were neat little SUV's! Although very topsy and dangerously unstable, they were very cool to see. I can't say anything like that with Suzuki these days. Sure, they make excellent motorcycles, but other than that - why WOULD you torture yourself with an SX4? Just don't do it.

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