Sunday, August 9, 2009

Back in California!

This time I flew early and headed directly to L.A. from Montreal. Flights were OK except we were held up in the terminal at MTL due to mechanical issues. I found a decent shuttle from LA to Aliso Viejo for about $49.49 plus $5.00 tip. Interesting fact: Driving along at 75 mph on the six-lane freeway, I saw two Ferrari's and one Porsche. An interesting moment happened when all of a sudden, this bouncing rubber ball appeared in the lane next to us and it bounded towards the vehicle behind us. POOF as it hit the vehicle's grille. Not sure if any damage was done to it. I have to say the weather out here is just incredible. Warm, +76 F and sunny. The Rennasance Club Sport hotel is absolutely awesome. I mean, the best hotel I have ever stayed in for a business trip, ever. Full pool with bar service, complete weight and exercise training center, free high speed internet, high definition TV's in the rooms, free dual beds.... Most of this crap I mentioned you can get at any hotel. It's the location that matters. You're 3 miles away from the beach....just ludicrous on how much the houses out here cost - starting at 650K and upwards of several millions of dollars if you want a beachside house (Laguna beach). Incredible.

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