Monday, August 24, 2009

6 Anti-Carjacking Tactics: Tips

Rule 1: Never, EVER, NEVER pickup hitch hikers no matter WHAT. This is easily the #1 way to get robbed, killed, or raped. Robbers play on society's good side and if you pick up someone - even a female - be aware that you could easily get shot. And what about picking up 3 or 4 hitch hikers? Are you serious? Do you want to die? Pass them by. Do not ever pick up a motherfucking hitch hiker. Ever.

Dr. Samuel Peebles and his wife picked up hitchhiker Scott Eizember on a cold, rainy afternoon. Eizember pulled a handgun, pistol whipped them and drove off in their van. He'd already carjacked and murdered another couple earlier.

Rule 2: When loading your car with groceries, don't do it alone if you can help it. Many grocery stores have staff there to HELP you load shit into your car. Now this may be aimed at female drivers, men too can become car jacking victims, especially if you drive a very fancy car like a Range Rover, Porsche, Ferrari, etc. Thieves love this shit - gun in the face, in-and-out and you're done. Be aware of your surroundings. This is often called "Situational Awareness". Trust your instincts. If you feel edgy about a particular area - listen to your gut and get the fuck out of there!

Rule 3: Keep a detachable set of keys with you at all times (usually a fake). Scenario: Some asshole runs to your car and puts a gun to your face. Or a knife. He yells for the keys. Detach and throw the keys out the window - hopefully he'll follow and get them. That's your time to get the hell out of there.

Rule 4: Keep your friggin' doors LOCKED at all times. This is a fairly simple rule but how many of us do this? How about those homeless guys begging for change at the lights - you think they'd grab your door handle and jump in? Probably not - but there's tons of scumbags out there who'd certainly jump in!

A woman escaped a horrific attack after convicted felon Robert “Beast” Neal kidnapped her at knifepoint. ... The woman told police she went to a store, purchased cigarettes, and got back in her car when a man opened her [unlocked] passenger door, got in, put a knife to her throat and told her he would kill her if she didn’t do what he told her. ... He directed her to an abandoned house. Once inside, she said she ran from room to room trying to avoid his “crazed” attacks. [He then beat, stabbed, bound, and sexually assaulted her. Afterward,] she told him she was seriously hurt and thirsty. Neal then left the house to get water. The victim noticed the front door was open, freed herself from restraints, and escaped.

Rule 5: If someone aims a gun at you from the front, duck and hit the gas. Often in South Africa you'll have brazen gunmen jump out and literally get in front of your car and aim the gun at you. Hit the gas and hit the asshole. Perfectly legal.

Two teens attempted to carjack Andrian Marguiles’ truck. His decision to not comply saved him from losing his vehicle and/or being injured. He was driving out of the parking lot when they jumped in front of his vehicle. The man slammed on his brakes to avoid hitting them, until he saw a handgun. ... The teen pointed the gun at Mr. Marguiles and closed in on his vehicle. Mr. Marguiles kept his cool, stepped on the gas and sped away to escape. ... Police said Mr. Marguiles did the right thing in stepping on the gas pedal. "You'd be surprised how many people would stop. If a person is in their vehicle, with doors locked and keys in the ignition, then it is best not to comply with anyone approaching,” police said. ... "Yes, you take off," police said. "If they have guns, there might be some shooting. But that would be better than getting out of the vehicle. You don't know if they just want to take your car. There's an argument for either side. Weighing these two things, your best bet for car security still is to bolt out of there to escape."
Rule 6: If you can, avoid stopping at rest stops alone. Long distance driving can lower your situational awareness and make you complacent. A large number of attacks and murders appear at rest stops every year. If you have to stop at one, make sure you have friends with you and you do it during the DAY TIME. Night time, you might as well advertise you want to be robbed.
Alexandra Zapp stopped at the rest area to use the restroom. Zapp screamed when she saw Paul Leahy standing outside the room with a knife. Leahy pushed Zapp back into the women's room, struggled with her and tried to get her to stop screaming. As she fought him, he stabbed her to death.
Excerpted from The Associated Press – 23 September 2003
Kristin Laurite stopped halfway through a cross-country trip at a rest stop to exercise her dogs. Investigators believe that Ronald Ward, a drifter, attacked Laurite there, stabbed her in the throat 10 times, raped, and killed her.

Good luck out there.

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