Saturday, July 11, 2009

Goodbye, old friend

On Friday my wife phoned me to tell me my beloved friend of 12 years passed away suddenly. It was strange because the morning I left work everything was fine; a picture of health you could say. I was so shocked I had to step away from the phone for a moment and let it sink in. What does this mean? Where do I go? What shall I do?

There was an awkward moment when she told me there was a ticking sound. I felt a knot dig into my gut. Could it be? I was getting worried. I told her not to panic. But in truth I already had. After twelve memorable years it seemed my Magnasonic 27" Tube television finally bit the dust. But I didn't know this until I got home. My apartment was filled with stinky, toxic melted plastic stench. And oh, that ticking sound was there. It wasn't the Motorolla DVR box that I had hoped died; that was ok. The TV simply blew either the flyback transformer or the horizontal output transistor. No matter. I already replaced the HOT a few years ago. This was it, time was up. Yes, go into debt further and pick up a 32" LCD flatscreen TV. I had researched so many web sites I finally buckled and got the damn set from wal-mart for 475$ plus taxes, $30 enviro fee and a stupid ass HDMI cable for $24 bucks.

It's a 720p set and that's all I need, really. I dumped my old TV off at the recyclers today. On my way back I had a Kia Soul (or was it the Nissan Cube?) try and race me out of my merge lane and, yes, it sorely got dusted. Both those cars are pathetic anyway.

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