Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bitch rear-ended me.

Luckily, not much damage to the Subaru - just a scuff of blue paint from the '04 Jeep Liberty. I was sitting at a 3-way stop sign, a T-intersection if you will. 

road A
       |    |
       |    |
stop->o|    |o<-stop sign for road B
sign   |     ----------roadB
road A |      BIG truck
       |      ---------
       |   M |o <- stop sign
       |   E |
       |     | 
|   J | JP=Jeep
       |   P |
I am stopped at a stop sign. The truck has the right
of way so I wait (it's fairly big). The Jeep assumed
I would go right because there was nobody on road A's
stop sign. She hit me at low speed. Immediately I yell
out fuck sakes.... I mean come on folks - how hard
is it to STOP at a sign? Sometimes I will actually go
right during these times but the truck was big and 
he technically had the right of way. You can't go into
the intersection while the truck is still in the middle
of it - that's when the Jeep hit me.
And I probably can't file an insurance claim because my
rates are already jacked up high as fuck.

Stupid bitch. 

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