Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Accidents and Douchebags

While in line at Tim Horton's this morning (in the store) I had placed my order... and I heard this enormous boom followed by a scream of people in the store. I turned and saw this silver Honda Accord fly by after taking out the concrete garbage can (which hit the store) and the car FLEW across the parking lot and nailed the raised sidewalk/walkway, coming to a halt. I checked out the carnage and discovered at least two cars heavily damaged and the accord pretty busted up. I'm not sure what the fuck the driver of the accord was thinking - the tim horton's racetrack? I managed to get my coffee 10 minutes later after the gawking was done. I don't think anybody got seriously hurt, but still, I could have been smashed up had I been in that line. Weird thought but it did cross my mind. And then later on, coming home from picking up dinner, I hear this thumping car stereo behind me with the obligatory douchebag fog lights on (it's not foggy out). Anyway, this piece of shit car tried to cut my lane off but utterly failed as I flatlined the flat-4 of my Subaru to WOT and easily breezed by in 2nd gear. So the traffic slows up and I'm real curious now about this douchebag thumping stereo - so I flip my rear view mirror and what do I see? A black Hyundai ACCENT with the biggest ass vinyl "SR" sticker on the front windscreen - I kid you not. I couldn't contain my laughter. I mean, Jesus Christ, you could strip me of all my gears - including my 5th and I would STILL beat the ass of that piece of shit Korean crap. Another epic fail. And sadly, it was driven by a douchebag with a backwards baseball cap and sunglasses. 

God knows what 109 bhp can do in an epic battle of AWD vs. FWD!

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