Monday, June 22, 2009

People are idiots

Sunday, I did a 160 km bullrun from Dartmouth to Truro and back.... to buy a 30-Gig Microsoft Zune from some guy off Kijijiji for $70 bucks. It was raining pretty hard so I had to take it easy on the road. I could feel the car lift up slightly as it started to hydroplane a little bit. I immediately backed off and slowed down. I don't want to die like that. Back to the Zune: It's in mint shape too. Not many people like the Zune, which is exactly why I bought one. It's the anti-Christ of the iPod and the device, although clunky (series 1), says a definitive "Fuck you" to Applewhores.

I just don't GET the iPod. I've used it in testing but I never liked the interface; the touchscreen is a fad I can do without. One big problem with having a capacitive touchscreen means you can't use micro hard drive storage; the electronics are not compatible. That means you have to stuff the more expensive flashram on the devices.

The Zune is pretty good, much better than my piece of shit Sansa device that I had 2 years ago. I loaded it up with thousands of MP3's and pictures....and dear God, did the Zune ever sync with all my shit. There's so many damn Podcasts to grab.

My favorite is the Best of Youtube. You'd think hour long movies are huge, but that isn't so. The Zune is only 320x240 and a two hour movie is about 350 mb, HALF of a regular sized SD broadcast. (The resolution is cut down). I'll be making a video out cable soon so I can play videos on my TV... but for now I'll just pack as much shit as I can. I might upgrade the hard drive to an 80 or 100 gig drive later on.... you can get 'em on the 'net easily enough.

Back to my Zune hacking. :)

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