Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Damn Audi R8 is back

It's like God mocks me. Yesterday while coming back from lunch I had to cross the street. Guess which car stopped for me while I crossed? You betcha, it was a white Audi R8 with a sparkling white paint job. I have to say, this car is absolutely beautiful in person. Last year I found the car sitting in an Audi dealership listed at $168,000 CDN + tax (and it had been SOLD). 

Last I heard it was being driven by an old Geezer who had trouble getting in and out of it. This guy looked middle-aged (early 40's) and didn't drive like a douchebag. Really odd. I silently prayed he would bottom out as he turned onto Lower Water Street from George Street. I hate rich people.

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