Thursday, May 21, 2009

US FIDELIS - Don't Believe Rusty, They're Scammers

 When Nascar drivers begin pimping out extended warranties on television, it's gotta be good, right? Well, not exactly. US Fidelis claims to sell auto repair insurance - but good luck actually getting them to pay for your repairs. In fact, a LOT of people are mad as hell after they discovered they won't pay for SHIT.

If you are seriously considering an extended warranty for your car, please VIEW THIS VIDEO BEFORE YOU EVEN DROP A DIME. (You can thank me later). The best comment I have ever read is this one:

Everyone who buys a warranty from US Fidelis is a MORON. If you think i am being unreasonable, but one from them. They arte the worst company on the market right now. Forty atterney generals are suing them allready, and they will not be in business for long. The ower of the company is building a 17 million dollar house. It has indoor bowling, indoor pool, Etc... But most people who buy a Warranty from them are screwed. Either way, if you buy something from anyone without seeing the contract first, you are a MORON. If you think that this world if full of people who want to help you, you are mistaken. This world is full of people making money of your stupidity. Read the contract before you buy, and if your contract is not what you paid for, cancel through your credit card company. Then call the atterney general in your state.

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