Friday, May 8, 2009

The SHITTY Ricers are Back

Everywhere I look there's shitty ricer cars out there with too loud exhaust, thumping bass, and the ubiquitous asshole driver with the backwards facing baseball cap.

The scene today: A crappy old black Nissan Sentra SER Spec V. (Which means it has a wee turbo charger in it and a 6-speed transmission). The car has the ubiquitous fart can on the back and the driver has this annoying habit of revving his engine up at red lights. I am so bored at this point I decided to listen to some Pastor Troy and listening to how his Niggas ride on twenty-six inch rims. Or something like that. Fortunately the SER SPEC V douchebag goes his own way.

Then later on some jackass driving a 20 year old Honda CRX with black flat paint and bodywork that looked like back to the future decided to turn down the road at full throttle. It was all noise and no go. The car was wrecked.

And then, the cream-de-la-resistance: Assholes in late model pickup trucks who lazily drive under the speed limit. They don't like it when you pass and will tailgate you if you try. My highway turnoff was coming up and I have had enough. Drop to 3rd gear and the truck moves over to the right lane, full throttle I am blasting past at over 120 and easily out distance the piece of shit Ford truck. I mean, come on folks.......get the fuck over if you can't drive the speed limit.

Fucking jackasses.

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