Monday, May 4, 2009

No More Chrysler Commericals!

Something strange happened a few days after Chrysler declared bankruptcy. Or rather, something didn't happen. The annoying Chrysler commercials are gone. And I mean gone. Try and have a look around the TV and radio scene - are your dealerships advertising any "specials"? The last time I heard the local dealership out here go on about their super Grand Caravan sale - well, that was WEEKS ago. And now? Silence. More McDonalds and Olive Garden commercials. 
Not that I'm complaining or anything. At least Chrysler didn't have fat Sumo wrestlers washing Subaru cars. Jesus, if I had known Subaru was going to do that I would have bought a Honda instead. Anyway, I would imagine this is happening around the world since Chrysler is basically a non-company now. Barack Obama wants liquidation to start as soon as May 21, so if you want to buy a distressed Dodge, I suggest you head down on May 20th for some incredible bargains.
Oh I'm a hateful, hateful man.

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