Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The land of Plenty - Plenty of Fast Cars!

An orgy of fast cars. Right off the green lights, BMW's, Mercedes (AMG), Subaru WRX STi's, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions, Honda S2000 CR's, Nissan 370Z's, G37S, SLR McLaren, Acura NSX, oh, the list goes on and on and on. All unbelievable friggin' cars everywhere. People drive like complete maniacs and change lanes at the last minute. I love it. Tooling around in a Toyota Prius has to be the most uninspiring drive I have ever had - but it beats walking. The palm trees, eucalyptus trees, fancy flowers, fruit trees, just incredible desert weather. It's a desert environment out here with speciality plants that are well adopted to the dry environs. There's almost a water rationing in effect in Orange County. The beaches - oh, incredible. You know the stories about California dreaming? All true. The beach houses down the coast highway - absolutely insane. More fancy cars: 7-series BMW's and Cayenne S turbo's, Porsche 911 GTR2's, Lambo's, Ferrari's, an incredible assortment of wheels and houses. And the boats - multi-million dollar yachts and elaborate catamarans. The areas are so well laid out it almost feels like a huge mall inside and out. The toll roads are expensive - typically $4 but some roads north are cheaper ($1.50). Too bad I leave tomorrow.

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