Friday, May 22, 2009

I was Blogging 11 years ago.

It's true. Back in 1998 I had a website on some backwoods server known as My pages are still archived on the wayback machine, including my freakin' resume from 1998. 1998 was a tough year for me. I had just moved out and gotten divorced and was living in my own dumpy apartment. I was working in Calgary and it was booming. I drove an old 1992 Ford F150 pickup and I tended to keep to myself. You don't really discover much about yourself until you've lived alone for a while. Back then my two main friends - who still remain - are Dave and John.

Dave used to drive old Ford mustangs and owned a couple of them at one point in time. He now drives an older GMC Jimmy 4x4 truck, green in color with nice leather seats. His dad has an ancient 1988 Dodge Dakota which still runs (but is very, very rusty). Dave's driving habits are pretty cautious. He doesn't push the speed and keeps a reasonable distance between himself and the cars ahead. Whenever I go home to Winnipeg we always end up taking his truck for the Slurpee runs.

John drives smaller cars. He's in a 2003 Echo hatchback right now, but before that he had a nice Toyota Rav 4 4x4 (two-door). Unfortunately, he got rear-ended by a distracted driver and the truck got written off. It also fucked up his back. John's a very cautious driver and NEVER speeds - in fact, he's often going below the speed limit - which drives me nuts when we go anywhere. He's also the only person I have managed to thoroughly scare with my driving without actually trying. (I had been doing donuts on an icy street in an old '84 Chev truck). Good times.

My driving can get a bit aggressive. I tend to pass slow drivers and usually I'll stick to the speed limit if I know the police are around. My bad habits are over taking slow drivers and buses. I can't stand transit buses. They're always loud and whenever they pass by me this loud popping explosion of air is heard when the brakes release their air brakes. Fuck that's annoying. You'd think bus technology has come along way since the 50's? Apparently not. I once had a piece of shit KIA Sephia try to pass me on the highway, I kid you not, up hill. Lets just say the KIA failed badly against the Subaru.

And here's a little gem I pass everyday on my way to work. And yes, the roof of this crappy sunfire has fake lime green hood scoops.


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