Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How to die young: Mix booze, driving, and speed

Yet another Nova Scotian dead on the highway the other day, this time a young 20-year old who was ejected from his small car during the early morning hours. Apparently booze and speed were a factor. You think? The quickest way to cash out on that life insurance policy is to:

1. Drink a whole lotta booze
2. Drive your car realllly fast
3. Hit something - telephone pole, ditch, or any immovable object.

Gauranteed to get you to death quicker than anything besides a gun shot.

On to another topic. Last week I spent a lovely (and I do mean lovely) 4 days in California - specifically, Aliso Viejo. The most beautiful place I have ever seen in a long, long time. The people there are very nice, the weather - spectacular. I managed to fit in time to take photos after my work day and if you haven't seen them yet, check 'em out here.

The trip back, however, was a nightmare. My flight was booked to take off at 7:55 pm pacific time from Orange County, CA to San Francisco. During the flight there was a wind warning and the pilot had to keep circling around San Jose' until finally, he announced they were running low on fuel and had to land in San Jose' to refuel. We finally ended up landing in San Francisco at 11:55 pm and by that time, I had missed my connector flight to Boston by about two hours.

I spend the next forty five minutes in the customer service line. I then end up getting into an argument with the useless United Airlines customer service rep who wouldn't give me a damn thing other than a "discount rate" at a local hotel. The best he could do was to get me on a flight the next morning at 8 am to Toronto and then to halifax from there. Complete asshole. 

The best part? The guy next to me, another passenger, completely lost it when United refused to refund his trip costs from San Francisco to Las Vegas. (He wanted to drive there after he found out his flight was cancelled until the next day). After some yelling and swearing, he lowered down to a racial slur and called the guy a nigger. At this point all hell broke loose and there was almost a fight between the two. Totally uncalled for, I would never have said that type of word...I mean come on, this is 2009 and this type of behavior is unnaceptable. Even I felt bad about it. 

The next time I fly out, I'll be going from LA to Toronto to Toronto, as there are more flights. When I got back I had a pounding headache. And no wonder.

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