Sunday, May 31, 2009

Excuse our Governor General; She's a Douchebag

I normally don't post about government politics and that crap. They're all liars. Sometimes I wonder why our government even exists. Take our useless Governor-General of Canada. She makes $110,000 per year, lives in a fancy and well-staffed mansion in Ottawa. She recently made news by eating a recently slaughtered seal in Northern Canada, a slice of seal heart and "Licked her fingers" before wiping the blood off. She even had a statement saying "She'd love to join in on a seal hunt". Fine by me - but I should NOT be paying this bitch any money what so ever to do this. 
I'm all for cultural diversity, but the relevancy of this useless government job has lost it's reality in today's economy. Remember that bitch Adrienne Clarkson? She had the audacity to take her and 20 good friends on a 17 country junket across Europe. All paid for by tax payer money, of course.

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