Friday, May 29, 2009

Asshole Trucker Story

A buddy of mine were chatting in IM today.... incredible story of douchebaggery trucker driving.

John says (10:30 PM):
Oh..  story for U ....
John says (10:32 PM):
So, heading home along St. Anne's , in front of Superstore.. divide to cut down DesMuerons ..   I'm getting to the street..and  ya know how it's like a dyke along that section of road..really high climb?
Stoneman says (10:33 PM):
Stoneman says (10:33 PM):
please tell me someone went over the divider
John says (10:33 PM):
So..   there's a fucking big-rig trying to get up the hill and take a left , to do north on DesMu. 
John says (10:34 PM):
Well..  I didn't think he would make it. then it came to me..  this ain't a truck root..   and he's lost...  probably tried to find the loading docks for Superstore, which are in the main lot.
John says (10:34 PM):
So a few blocks down, he figures he wants to take another right and get back to St. anne's.
John says (10:35 PM):
Well..  he picks a really narrow street, parked cars on it, and he's got about 10 cars in front & behind him.  tying up traffic.
John says (10:35 PM):
Takes him 10 mins to make the turn.. he backed into a tree.. no damage from what I could see..  and chewed up the corder grass a little.
John says (10:36 PM):
Well..  joke's on him..   at St. Anne's, there's median, you MUST turn right (the wrong way for him)..  so what does asshole do ?  He boots it down St. Anne's the wrong way for 1/2 a block, then drives right over a low median to get back on the south-bound side of St. Anne's.
Stoneman says (10:37 PM):
oh man, classic.
John says (10:38 PM):
Well.  I'm on the phone to the cops by now..  non-emergency.  and they say if he's not a threat at THAT second, they can't do anything..come down and file a report bullshit.. so I hang up.   He's missed the Superstore turnoff, and we're now turning east onto fermor.
John says (10:39 PM):
Well..  at the last second, dude pulls over to the right, to go into the Safeway lot..    I blew past him, had to go all the way up to Archibald to turn around, I wanna follow this asshole.
Stoneman says (10:39 PM):
John says (10:39 PM):
When I got back, he was ready to get back onto Fermor near the bridge..  so..  we get to Archibald..stopped at the lights..  I look at the sides of his tires.. they are all scuffed from kissing curbs.
Stoneman says (10:40 PM):
Seriously....was he high?
John says (10:40 PM):
We're on Archibald now, heading North.    then asshole pulls into the city works yard..   but it's not large enough to turn around.
Stoneman says (10:40 PM):
Let me guess....more 4x4 off roading!!
John says (10:41 PM):
So I go up to Elizabeth road to turn around...   I get back to where he was last..
ohn says (10:41 PM):
He's BACKING out of the works yard, taking up all 4 lanes of Archibald...  traffic is really backed up bad...
We get back onto Fermor, heading towards SuperStore.
Stoneman says (10:42 PM):
how in the fuck did he ever get a trucker job?
John says (10:43 PM):
Drive into the lot.. but..  and this is all Superstore's fault now..the lot is insane for large trucks to move around they got a big garden area fenced off where the truckers like to move around, so..  again, he hops the curb..I got video of that..  and then make a 50 point turn to back himself into the loading docks. 
Stoneman says (10:43 PM):
This is classic. I gotta put this on my blog.
Stoneman says (10:43 PM):
Post that shit to liveleak!!!
John says (10:43 PM):
I'll see if I can get the media going here..took video and stills.


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