Monday, April 20, 2009

Trucker Rams Toll Booth - Toll Guy Survives!

The remains of a toll accident after a big rig rams the Cobequid pass on April 20, 2009.
A toll collector was in a serious accident after a large truck slammed into a booth on the Cobequid Pass late this morning. He had to be cut out of the small steel shack he was sitting in when the trucker literally sailed through the cash toll window and plowed into him. The toll operator is in fair and stable condition.

I've been on that road many times, the toll's about $4.50 to get through - a ripoff in my opinion, but the lengthy route alternative makes it a much safer choice. The other roads are widow makers and honestly, for $4.50 I'd rather pay for safety than an undivided highway from hell.

Could you imagine, sitting in your toll booth, you look up and - shit - the big rig is coming AT you! The toll guy was very lucky to survive.The truck driver was in good condition - walking around as the ambulance arrived to cut the toll guy out of his steel shack.

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