Saturday, April 25, 2009

Same Old Bullshit

Warm weather, and the speeders are out again in full force. Just today people bustin' through the roads over the speed limit by 30 km/hr and police are pulling them over left, right, and center. And it's not the fast cars that are responsible for this; I saw a 2005 Corvette doing the speed limit diligently while a piece of crap Dodge Neon was blasting through at 30 over. 

And then last week, two kids got pulled over TWICE in a week for driving stolen vehicles in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. They like to steal the older cars that don't have any anti-theft systems or chipped keys. The cars of their choice were 80's Chevy and Dodge vehicles. During their last police chase, the 16 year old driver managed to clip 5 police cars and eventually got boxed in on a side road.

I'm heading to Aliso Veijo California on May 11 - 14 next month for business; hopefully I'll be able to grab some photos of some exotic cars out there. The only exotic cars I have seen so far have been a nice black Bently Coupe and a Mercedes 6.3 black edition (which I'm not sure if it was REALLY a true V12 merc because it was too damn quiet). You'd expect a twin-turbo car to roar when they drive by. I think I jumped the gun and SAW something I thought was there but wasn't.

Ho hum. I was going to check out the new Kia Soul today, but honestly, I wasn't that bored today - maybe next week? We'll see. The Soul does look like an interesting car though.

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