Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Laptop Survivor

It's just one of those things you never thought would happen. I reached over by my Tim Hortons coffee and managed to spill the bastard all over my Dell 630 laptop. Immediately, the radio station I had been listening to stuttered and I ripped the laptop off it's docking station and pulled the battery, ram, and hard drive out of the system. I used tissue and managed to dry everything I could but I knew it wasn't enough. I then put the laptop upside down for half an hour with a fan blasting it full tilt. I reassembled the thing - it powered up for 1 second then died immediately. Not good.
I made a panicked call to our IT guy. I admitted accidentally putting coffee on the laptop, and I was surprised we had full coverage for that - thank God. But I didn't give up. I removed everything once more using a tiny screwdriver and continued drying and cleaning the laptop's innards. I let the fan blast the laptop once more for a half hour and re-assembled with blind anticipation. I knew deep in my heard and the fact I had 6 years of College electronics training that this was most likely a lost cause. Imagine my surprise when the thing actually POWERED UP. I managed to bring it back from death! I grinned at my own stupidity for drinking coffee without any dexterity. Dammit, I knew better.
That Dell 630 is incredible. It just takes a beating and keeps on asking for more. (That's what she said). Sorry, I can't help but put in some of The Office humour in there.
I'm heading to California next month for a few days. Can't wait - should be an eye opening experience to see what California drivers are like. Lord help me.

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