Friday, April 3, 2009

In the hood

This story best accompanied by ghetto music by Pastor Troy.

While on my lunch hour, I had to go to the local downtown drug store in Dartmouth. Many odd characters in this neighborhood; some assholes, derelicts, and bums. I like the fact that gun shots can be heard in the Tool Music song; quite appropriate for Dartmouth.

Some jackass approached my wife who was smoking a cigarette outside of a building on the sidewalk. He pointed to a sign on the building and said (when I wasn't there) "Just what I need smoke as I exit the building" so she says "Well then, turn your face around the other way." To which he said "Can't you read the sign?" And then my mother in law got into it and said "Oh, I'm sorry - don't have an eduma-cashuuuun" and shouts of "Mind your own business". People need to learn a little respect or courteousness. The only thing this clown will likely get in the future is a punch in the face from someone who doesn't think too much about being hassled by a douchebag in a SUV.

And the beggars and thieves and people selling shit in the street. Some clown comes up and asks us if we'd be interested in buying "discount" cigarette cartons for $20 a piece. He was told to walk away. Scumbags had held up the Costco in Halifax two years ago, hog tied 40 people in the warehouse and stole 300+ boxes of cartons of cigarettes. They never got all the cigarettes back.

People stare at you with open hostility, I swear to fuck we need to strap up to protect ourselves these days.

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