Monday, April 27, 2009

Good Bye, Pontiac, R.I.P.

1926 - 2009

The Pontiac brand of General Motors, known for being sporty and for auto enthusiasts, has bit the dust. Today General Motors announced with a tinge of sadness that their long-lived brand is being closed for good. No more Pontiac GTO's. No more Pontiac Solstices. No more Pontiac Pursuits. And yes, no more Pontiac Aztecs.

Approximately 60% of GM Canada's workforce will be laid off at the factories and 40% of their dealership network will be collapsed. If you own a Pontiac right now you own a piece of history. Orphaned car brands lose their resale value faster than regular cars. The car that pulls at my heart strings is the old Pontiac GTO. Pictured above, this car was a real performance bargain. Although crude by today's sports cars, they do epitomize and carry style further than most of today's sports cars. The classic split Pontiac grille, a feature that would carry through the entire brand lifespan.

Sure, there were lemons. Who could forget the Pontiac Lemans, Pontiac Aztec, and the horrible Pontiac Fiero with it's fiery engine bay? Every manufacturer has poor sellers, and Pontiac had their share. Sadly, Pontiac's performance legacy during the 80's and 90's was replaced by craptastic cars featuring excessive body cladding.

I will always remember with fond memories the best Pontiac test drive I ever took - that was the Pontiac Solstice GXP. How I loved that car!

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