Sunday, April 12, 2009

Animated Violence 1987 vs. 2009

Video games have come a long way since my old Amiga 500 w/1meg of ram. Back then, Wastelands was a pretty violent game with text featuring things like "The .44 magnum exploded the wastelanders head like a blood sausage".

Fast-forward to 2009 and I am playing a video game called Fallout 3. In this game, not only is there animated blood and violence, but ultra-slow motion (with 360 rotation) and blood splatter effects. Even better, you can later in the game get "skills" that provide even more blood explosions. Limbs flying off, eyeballs flying through space - all possible with this new game.

In fact the most gory thing I have ever done was aim a 44 magnum handgun at someones head and pull the trigger. The effect is spectacular: The bullet hits the head, the head seperates from the jawbones, and blood everywhere. Sometimes eyeballs are seen flying out from the cranium. It's violence porn on steroids.

The game is devious. It allows you to plant mines in other peoples pockets. It allows you to aim mini nuclear missles at people and incinerate them instantly.

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