Monday, April 6, 2009


Hospitals suck. People visiting hospitals suck. People trying to get parking while visiting a loved one in ICU suck. I have no funny anicdotes; humerous stories or road rage diatribes. I am completely spent. My girlfriend of 10 years pretty well almost flatlined on Sunday......remains in I.C.U. recovering from severe double pneumonia. She is recovering slowly.... I am tired. I try to relieve the worry by watching reruns of The Office (which helps).
I gotta get back to work on ex-mananger got axed last week due to corporate cutbacks.
To celebrate angst, I dedicate this post to Dwight Schrute.
Live Long and Prosper.
Last post addition: Just today I noticed my month-old photochromatic eye glasses had a friggin' CRACK in the right lens! I have to use my shitty 7-year old crooked-held-together-with-wires-and-scratched-to-shit glasses, as the new ones have to be replaced.


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