Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dealership Visits

I was feeling itchy to see a few cars today, so I went to Subaru in Dartmouth looking for the 2009 Impreza WRX with 265 bhp... guess what? None in stock. Oh they had an STi but I wasn't interested in that one.

A quick drive over to the local Honda shop and I asked them if they had any Honda Insights in yet. No, they don't come in until May or June of this year. This is depressing. I drove over the Hyundai, at least they would have the V8 Genesis around, right? Nope. In fact they only had two Genesis cars in the showroom for the entire dealership: A fully loaded V6 and the Coupe' version.

I sat in both cars. The V6 4-door is furnished with lots of wood and leather. It seems built pretty well, no noticable gaps anywhere. It was pretty quiet inside too. The Coupe'  looked cheap inside and out. Since it's only a two door car (being a coupe'), the doors are massive and the windows are unframed - big surprise. There's no fancy dancy controller in the middle of the console and the whole interior is vastly cheaper looking than the full-fledged Genesis.

There's no hiding the cheap steering wheel either. It must have been grabbed from another lowly model because it looks the same as any found in an Accent. (But with a few more audio controls).

The big daddy Genesis had old man dark wood accents, big ass 19" wheels, full leather in front and back, and also rear passenger HVAC controls. There is even a middle console that pops down for the rear passengers to use. Opening the hood of either car reveals an engine shrouded in a protective plastic cover. Why auto manufacturers do that these days is beyond me. Are they trying to get you to use the dealership for servicing? Who knows.

I took a Genesis pamphlet to read at home. Its one car I wouldn't ever buy, simply because if I wanted a luxury car I would either buy a Mercedes-Benz or a BMW. My heart says BMW M5, but my wallet says 328xi. But at any rate, I don't think the Genesis is going to be any kind of money cow for Hyundai. People who buy luxury cars tend to stick with their brand names. They're not going to sit back and point at the car with their neighbor looking and say "Now THAT's a HYUNDAI!". Pfffft. Really. Who are they kidding? Stick to the cheap and midline cars, and Hyundai will be fine. Even Lexus has a hard time convincing buyers they are "Legit".

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