Tuesday, March 3, 2009

2009 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4

Since I will more than likely not have an opportunity to drive a 2009 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 in my lifetime I thought I would write a virtual review of this car. If you're looking for a real world test drive, skip this article. This is a fantasy story where I rip out in front of the police and narrowly escape cutting the Lambo in half during an evasive maneouver in a corn field. Still interested? Join me as I describe to you my virtual test drive of the 2009 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4.

First, the specs:

Base Price: $198,000
Drivetrain: 4-Wheel Drive
Curb Weight (lbs):3307
City (MPG): 12
City (MPG): 14
Hwy (MPG): 20
Horsepower: 553 @ 8000
Torque (lb-ft): 398 @ 6500
Wheelbase (in.): 100.8
Length (in.): 171.1
Width (in.): 74.8
Height (in.):45.9
I was invited by Lamborghini North America to drive the 2009 Gallardo during my test drive in a small eastern Canadian city named Halifax. Lamborghini was especially nice because not only did they provide a fully fueled Gallardo, but they also gave me the car for an entire WEEK of driving AND a free gas card. Who could resist?

When I went down to pick up the car I was pretty nervous. Would I be able to get the car off the lot? Will the car bottom out as I exit the auto ramp? Better yet, could I get into this car without hurting my back? The Gallardo is one of the harder super cars to get in and out of due to the low ground clearance and tightly hugging seats. You'll notice I'm using photos from a recent auto show - that's because I didn't bring my camera with me when I drove the car. I know, lame lie.
First off, the Gallardo is notoriously difficult to get in and out of. Although the doors are huge, there's not a whole lot of room in there once you seat yourself.
I'm not sold on the interior. It's like a futuristic black and the steering wheel reminds me of something you'd encounter attached to a Sony PlayStation. Indeed, aesthetics aside, this car was truly made to haul ass. Case in point, after scraping the front end coming onto a driveway, I almost spun the car into a 360 as I decided to play with the throttle while turning left onto a side street.

The car has so much power you can perform four wheel burnouts with ease; remember this car has all wheel drive - and fortunately, traction control (which I had turned off). The speed is just fantastic, I mean, nothing and absolutely nothing is quite as fast as the Lamborghini. Driving down the street, this car demands attention. People stop and stare or take photos. It's also one of those cars where you know the driver has to be a huge douchebag and have problems with the tool shed below, if you know what I mean.
It's really easy to drive like a douchebag in the car though. All you need to do is apply the throttle and you can out accellerate anything on the road - and I mean anything. There may be one or two exotic cars that could beat this thing (Ariel Atom or the Pagani Zonda). But let's be honest - would you rather be seen in a Zonda, Atom, or this car? Yep... it's incredible. The only bitch about it is getting groceries with the car. There's no where to put anything. Sure, you have a small trunk in the front but it's almost useless. And yes, while you could pile groceries in the passenger seat, it would be ridiculous to drive tha way when pop and cans start flying into your driving area.
[Continued tomorrow...]

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