Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snow, Ice, and More Snow

There's a wicked storm currently underway in Atlantic Canada. I spent the day working from home, as I couldn't justify the risk of driving to work and back with the traffic. However, I did manage to pull out the Subaru for a quick run to the local Tim Horton's. I didn't bother with a video camera because I don't have any proper mounts for the thing.

I had no problems getting to where I was going. I even went to an abandoned parking lot to do some judicious AWD drifting. I had to stop at one point because my wheel wells had become so impacted with snow and ice that I actually had the tire stop on me. A slow drive to the Tim Hortons across the street and I spent 15 minutes chipping out the ice and snow that had accumulated in my wheel wells and alloy rims.

There's also a serious dip in the road that has developed off Portland Street. It's been getting larger and larger. I think the patch job they did is starting to settle down and with the traffic going over it every day, it's getting lower and lower. Pretty soon I'm going to have to avoid that area because it's becoming a rather large hole - the width of a car and about 1/4 foot deep. Woe to anyone driving a really low vehicle.

And speaking about interesting drives. Have you seen the video of Chernobyl, 20+ years after the horrendous radiation leak? This is one awesome driving video.

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