Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Assholes in BMW's

And again some asshat in a BMW 5 series decides to CUT in front of my car while I brake to allow a vehicle across my pathway (he was blocking my way anyway). Do I let it pass? No way. The window comes down and I yell "You fucking asshole". I felt better about it.

Some folks agree.

Dar Says:

I think BMW should make turn signals standard so the assholes driving their cars can use them. They must currently be part of some option package that is too expensive even for the typical yuppie scum.

Anonymous Says:

Never denied BMWs are great cars. The company has a great legacy. Im saying the losers who drive them are typically the most arrogant, self rightous, a-holes on Gods green earth. They believe that because the car is german it must be driven like every road is the autobahn and every other car on the road is an impediment. Just saying.

jdc Says: 
Hands down the biggest SOBs on this planet is any self important douchebag driving any BMW of any year, any model.

Ha Ha! Says:

You don't need a BMW to get all that, and you don't have to piss away so much money. It's not a status symbol. Anyone that can afford a car can afford a BMW. I'm sure most of the dumb fucks that drive them are deep in debt.

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