Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Another Fatality on Highway 103: 60 in 5 years

A BMW X5 and a Pickup truck collided head on this morning on Highway 103. A 38-year old woman was killed instantly as her BMW slammed into a pickup truck on the highway that has over the past five years killed 60 Nova Scotians. Like Highway 22x in Alberta, it's main cause is a combination of undivided highway, speeders, and notorious black ice events.

I've driven on both highways and let me tell you, both or very dangerous highways. You have to be conscious of not only your own speed and position on the highway, but also of the nut cases who routinely drive 140+ km/hour and passing vehicles illegally. In the design of both roads, there are no passing lanes and this causes traffic to back up against highway trucks/professional drivers.

When you combine this with the intense work load and stress everyone is under during this financial crisis, people are going to take unnecessary risks. My heart goes out to the friends and family affected by this tragedy. Apparently the driver of the truck is in the QEII and in very serious condition.

Drive safely out there.

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