Saturday, February 7, 2009

8 Crazy Accident Photos You Won't Forget

Ten amazing photos of accidents that defy reality. Enjoy these photos and their stories.
A 4x4 lies at the bottom of a cliff at Polpeor, in Cornwall, after it plunged 250 feet from the top. The driver jumped out, ran alongside and pulled out her son, just two feet from the edge

A car crashed into a church roof in Limbach-Oberfrohna, Germany. According to the police the driver missed a turn, driving too fast, continued straight ahead on a slightly rising field and then 'took off' to land in the church roof.


The living room of a house in Newport. The owners were watching television when the lorry crashed through the bay window.

About 125 vehicles on both directions of the busy interstate piled up along a foggy stretch of road in Ringold, northwest Georgia.
 A police car's front end sits in the window of a home in Toronto, Canada . The driving Toronto police officers received only minor cuts and scrapes.
 A red Mazda Miata sits at the bottom of the Campasino family's swimming pool in Stewartstown, Philadelphia. It rolled into the pool after their neighbour left the handbrake off.
 A car protrudes through an exterior wall following a crash on the third story of parking garage in Tokyo.
 Daniel Lyons's van careered off a mountain road and balanced perilously on a cliff edge 170 feet from the ground, in Colorado.

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seaglass stitcher said...

I was looking at the crazy photos on your site.
I wonder if you are aware of the car stuck in the wall of the walmart in Chain Lake which protruded half way out of the wall and a long way up the side of the wall? I only wish I had a camera with me the day that happened.