Thursday, January 22, 2009

Two Wrecks in Two Days

Two days in a row I have seen horrible T-bone accidents in Halifax. Once while I was walking I saw the aftermath of a Pontaic G5 that embedded it's front end into the side of a truck. Today while driving home the cars were still in the damn middle of the intersection. There must have been six cars involved in that one. I drove around the whole mess. People were already calling the cops as I drove around 'em.

Speaking of police...they were pulling cars over for speeding tonight. The speed limit is so low in dartmouth - 50 km/hour...I mean...come on for fuck sakes. But I didn't dare speed as there were police everywhere.

The RCMP did a speed trap last week on highway 101. The highest clocked speed was 189 kilometers per hour. The speed limit on that section is 100 km/hour. Some people were caught going 140-150 km/hour, and many were pulled over at 130 km/hour.

It's pretty easy to speed on the roads.... I think I've done 190 my self but that was only once...and once was enough. It's just not worth it. At those speeds, cars are just tinfoil...and you are the jelly inside the tinfoil tube!

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