Thursday, January 8, 2009

Parking in the ghetto

Ya know that New Year's resolution where you promise to be a better person and not snap & swear at people or threaten to cut them to pieces? Or maybe this year you'll leave the handgun at home instead of carrying the box in your back pack? Or how about NOT pushing homeless people out of your way and threatening to give them a beat down. 

So all right maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit. Like this morning...I swear... my best behavior - maybe I should have snapped anyway? But really - does it matter in the long run anyway? While parking my car on the side street, deep in the halifax ghetto-hood, a lady who lives right near where I parked noticed I was putting on a steering wheel lock. For some reason.... it offended her. And no.... before anyone asks "Are you sure" because she actually TOLD me that me putting a lock on MY car "offended" her. 

I swallowed my pride and told her that it wasn't HER (lie) or her NEIGHBORHOOD (lie), but really where I come from (Winnipeg, Calgary), you don't leave cars alone without locks. That shit gets stolen day in and day out. But after entertaining her for 5 long minutes (it felt like years) I walked away and went to work. I was back at noon to move my car, because I really didn't trust the bitch. The more I thought about it the angrier I got. Who the fuck does she think she is? Obviously, she thought it was a personal attack for me to protect my car from thugs, thieves, and drug addicts. Maybe she was jealous? Seriously, my car isn't special. It's not the only Subaru on the block. 

What I think happens is when people live in crime infested areas their ideas of "safe" neighborhoods get all disjointed. So when they see commuters drop in and park near their house, they're pissed because people are taking spots on the street. But guess what... it's a free country and I can fucking park where I want. I guess she thought I was better than everyone by using a lock. I told her the locks don't detriment serious car thieves... because they can be defeated by using freeze-it spray and a hammer.

So tomorrow I"ll be parking across from that nosy bitch. And you can be sure I'll be putting up my steering wheel lock in full view so that old hag can get a little more pissed.

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