Friday, January 2, 2009

Five Horrific Accidents

Failing to negotiate sharp turn
This accident occurred in Grand Forks,BC, Canada, when the driver of this tractor trailer failed to negotiate a sharp corner in the rain. There had been numerous reports of his reckless driving while on the highway, and the police were currently searching for him. He never yielded to the reduce speed sign before heading into an almost 90 degree corner. It had been raining all day and as the truck came around the corner, he lost control, jack-knifed and slammed into the steel supports of the bridge,detaching the trailer and pushing the cab onto the top portion of the bridge, and flipping his trailer, which had been carrying manure onto the shoulder, narrowly missing the river. The resulting explosion from the fuel tank exploding was felt throughout downtown Grand Forks, and the mushroom cloud could be seen from the other side of the valley. The driver was killed on impact.

Mercedes-Benz rear-ends a huge truck

These guys were flying down the highway in their Mercedes sports car. At high speed they did not see the taillights (poorly illuminated) on that back of a large box truck. They rear ended the truck, and both were killed.

Truck falls from above onto traffic
These pictures are of the accident that occurred on Thursday 8/16/2007 around 11:50 am on the highway from Dammam to Khobar (Saudi Arabia) with SEC. A truck traveling on a a local road broke through the bridge concrete from SEC. The truck fell from the local road and fell down to the main road landing on cars below.
Airborne and ejected
The survivor of the accident wrote:

"While driving down a hilly road in Kingsville, Missouri, me and my friend were going to fast for the hill we were about to go over, so we jumped the hill.  We were airborne for 12ft and then hit the pavement, after hitting the pavement our car flew into the field on the left side of us, we were then again airborne for 90 more feet and then nose dived into the field, then we were in the air once again for the third time and hit a tree which made the car start to flip. 

We flipped the car 5 times, and even though we weren’t smart and didn’t wear our seatbelts that’s what helped us survive.  That’s not a good thing to tell someone, that not wearing the seatbelt saved them, but the EMT crew said that this is the one situation that saved the people in the car. If we had been wearing our seatbelts we would have been crushed and stuck in the car, and died instantly, or severely brain damaged. 

The driver got ejected from the car and thrown at a tree, which caused serious injuries to her neck, and she had horrible cuts and bruises. For me I got thrown the farthest from the car, and landed with my hands out in front of me.  All of this lead to me twisting my wrist a full 180 degrees, breaking 2 bones in my arm, breaking my collar bone, fracturing my shoulder, and also fracturing 3 of my lower back bones, leading onto 3 surgeries, and maybe more to come." 

Burnt lamborghini
This accident happened on Witkoppen Road, Johannesburg in South Africa on 13 July 2008.

The 22 year old driver of the borrowed Lamborghini lost control while cornering at high speed. He hit the VW Golf, crushing it to half its size after which both vehicles caught alight. The driver of the Lamborghini, the driver of the Golf and two passengers died in the accident.


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